REEL SAFE, LLC is partnered with facilities across the country to quickly and seamlessly set appointments, manage payment, and coordinate results communication so that your crew and talent don't have to. Testing can be arranged same day at locations most convenient for crew or on-site, depending on production needs.

  • Same-day,  appointments for SARS-CoV-2 ("Coronavirus")

  • Billing management

  • Results coordinating and reporting

  • On-site testing administration


Rapid Testing (aka Rapid Diagnostic Tests, Rapid Molecular ID) is a test that determines the presence of genetic material in and is popular in production for its accessibility and speedy results (usually less than an hour). The test is administered by a trained professional who takes a nasal or throat swab to diagnose a coronavirus infection. As with any test, negative rapid tests do not completely rule out the possibility of infection, but many productions and clients use regular rapid testing to provide a measure of safety on set in conjunction with other infection management plans. 

PROS: Testing provides fast results and can be administered on site.

CONS: The accuracy range is more narrow and is only yet accepted for most union shoots when administered as a doubled rapid..


RT-PCR Testing (aka "PCR" Test) is a kind of more sensitive molecular test with a higher rate of accuracy as compared to other tests (including "Rapid Tests"). PCR tests can be administered by trained technicians or self-administered by way of certain approved testing kits, however results must be evaluated by medical professionals to be validated for decision management. Lab processing typically takes 3 - 6 days. SAG-AFTRA requires the use of this test for compliance with its safety measures for talent.

PROS: Still stands as the "gold standard" for testing.

CONS: Not all "PCR" tests are equal in quality and accurate, turn around times outside of LA and New York are typically 48 - 72 hours (and are subject the extended wait times pending the load for labs which are greatly affected by increases in cases), the time between sample retrieval and results does not account for exposure during the interim waiting period.


Serological Tests (aka Antibody Test) are administered by blood draw and produce results within 1-3 days. The test determines if you have an active infection or have had an infection in the past. Because of the moderate probability of error, often these tests are administered more than once for improved accuracy and in conjunction with a medical evaluation. A positive result does not determine immunity from the virus, but it can be useful for contact-tracing, determining the possibility of exposure, and infection confirmation. 

PROS: Good for contact tracing and confirmation of positive antigen  or PCR tests or previous exposure.

CONS: Does not detect active virus.


REEL SAFE and our partners do not supply antigen testing.